Distinguishing good quality stainless steel and stainless steel plating

Material Stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular, many consumers are favored by the form of shiny material, looks very clean.

However, there are many cases where installation used not long, there are no longer shiny, which tarnish, tarnished, or even the appearance of rust marks and porous as exploded. On the market today there are many types of stainless steel fake. Basis of this product may be steel or iron sheet, galvanized outside with a layer of copper, nickel and chromium thin.

Can distinguish stainless steel “genuine” and stainless steel plating by shine of the material. Plated stainless steel usually shiny gloss while inox “genuine” little small light-colored.

In addition, consumers can try using magnets. Depending on the composition of steel that of steel products “genuine” or is smoking from or if there is only a slight magnetic attraction, the pull-out force of arms will be very lightly.

Plated stainless steel will have strong absorption, even just putting up close had heard “split” as the magnet is attracted to the metal. When taking the magnet out of the hand will see very strong attractive force.

Those techniques can also use the hot acid 70 to check the quality of steel. If the pitch black chromed steel will, while stainless steel color remains good.

Good quality stainless steel and rare!

Steel also has many kinds, depending on the levels of creation. Basically steel components often have 18% chromium, 8% nickel, iron and the rest are other components. Because the nickel price is very expensive, in some cases, one can replace nickel with manganese, but this makes the alternative corrosion resistance of the material is very low.

A different kind of stainless steel with 12% chromium component also shiny but nature called stainless steel because it is drawn from. To distinguish good quality stainless steel is not only the only way is to use machines to analyze the composition, not be dependent on the acid test, absorption test as distinguished from stainless steel plating material.

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In the design industry interior materials are applied as much as steel used as tables, chairs and some other furniture such as office use stairs, handrail …

The steel appliances shoddy quick also tarnish, stains or even gray surface explosion. However, only whether or not the risk of heavy metal contamination is not yet clear assertion, also need accurate studies.

For stainless steel plating material, to produce more cheaply, manufacturers can use the shoddy quality plating, doping substances or not plated copper layer. The material is heavy metal plating, if mixed into the food, long days, can make up the accumulation of heavy metals in the body, harmful to health and even lead to serious diseases such as liver cancer …